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Name Mix-up Leads to Numerous Unwarranted Claims

The Situation

Our client, a mid-sized manufacturer, had been experiencing a high number of lawsuits due not to their negligence, but to the similarity of their company name to that of another company that was in fact negligent of numerous claims. Not only was our client's reputation and experience affected, but they found themselves spending numerous hours answering interrogatories completely unrelated to their operation.

The INSURICA Solution

After a thorough assessment of the situation, an INSURICA agent was able to provide the client with an effective and fast-acting solution. Elements of the plan included the hiring of legal counsel, aggressive defense of claims on the insured's behalf and the development of an informational letter describing the situation that could be sent to the plaintiff's counsel.

The INSURICA Experience

The INSURICA agent provided the client with an innovative solution to a problem that was unique and posed significant risk to their company.